So, for my first post, I just wanted to make a little introduction for myself. First off, this is my very first blog, so PLEASE go easy on me 😉 I am going to try my hardest to make this a fun experience and post as often as work and my children allow. I will also be active on my Instagram, Snapchat, and Periscope. I am even going to attempt this whole YouTube thing, but baby steps. Look of the days will be posted on IG and Snap; Periscope will be live interactions and I will go live doing my make up, talking about new products I have bought or whatever. The best part is that is a live interaction. If you want to ask me questions, go for it. Give some tips? Go for it. I love interacting with others.

A little bit about myself! My name is Kait and I am 24. I have two children (5 and almost 1 year). I reside in a small town in Nevada. I have an associates degree in general studies because I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. Currently I work at a car dealership and very much enjoy what I do. I spend most of my time at work or with my kids.

I have always been fascinated with make up.  My mom was a cosmetologist for most of my life and I grew up in the beauty industry. Now, first off I am no professional. My make up does not look airbrushed, I make mistakes and throw in the towel, and I get intimidated by the “popular” YouTube artists tutorials. My goal is to help show other mothers (who may not have the time or money to look like the pros) how to do easy, fast, non extravagant makeup. Most of the products I use are fairly inexpensive. I do most of my beauty shopping at Sephora and Ulta. I also purchase a lot from Amazon because I get free gift cards (I will explain that in another post).

Like I have said in my “About” section, I will post tutorials, makeup hauls, my looks of the day, first impressions and more. If you want to see something, feel free to ask! If you have any tips or tricks for me, please leave feedback! I am still learning! I am not a professional nor have I had training. We are all here to learn! I will try to keep everything on the less expensive side (I do have children to take care of and bills). I am also a big sampler at Sephora. So I will also include those (who wants to buy $50 foundation if it doesn’t work?!).

I am very friendly so please feel free to interact. I do not do rude or mean comments so please don’t bring your drama here. I want to have fun with this and share my passion.

Thank you so much for reading and I am looking forward to enjoying this awesome experience!