Want free Amazon gift cards and other goodies? Then pay attention! I am about to change your world! Haha not really, but this is really cool and you should totally pay attention. There is this awesome website out there called Crowdtap. This site is seriously amazing! I get a lot of my makeup from Amazon because of this website.

When I first started crowdtap, it was just for free samples (which they still have). Basically, what it is, is a group of people who help give product influence. So, they want your opinion on certain brands. Some brands offer free samples, others just offer points. There are numerous brands and with those brands are “missions”. Each mission is worth a certain amount of points. The points can then be accumulated and for every so many points, crowdtap will send you a free $5 Amazon gift card. Keep accumulating points, get more free money to use on Amazon. You do need to attach a facebook or twitter profile to your crowdtap account to receive the points, but you can easily disable the sharing icon. You can also receive free samples for brands as well. I have received so much Garnier products in the last 3 months that I could probably open my own store.

Now, I have found a loop hole with this. Well, I wouldn’t say loop hole, but a way to get more gift cards. So, one email, one facebook, makes one crowdtap. But, being one of those weirdos that has multiple facebook accounts, I have 5 different crowdtap accounts that allows me to get the gift cards faster (haha I’m a genius). So far, I have received maybe over $100 in Amazon gift cards so far. I spend it mostly on make up items and on my kids. I have purchased a fake Artis brush, a few different colors of colourpop lippies and some make up organizers.

So, the main reason for this post was to one, share my awesome find with anyone kind of struggling with buying things for themselves due to financial reasons; and two, you will see me talk about my Amazon buys quite a bit. I also do reviews and first impressions on the free samples as well.

I hope all of you reading this go out and participate in crowdtap! It really is a lot of fun and and I enjoy the benefits from it. I mostly do them at work to pass a slow day but they also have a cute app for your phone if you don’t want to deal with the desktop version like I do.

Thanks for reading ♥